Professional teaching of the German language is our vocation. Whether you want to learn German on the side, intensively or individually. We have the right offer for you! Our competent team is at your disposal for individual consultation, flexible scheduling and, above all, goal-oriented learning.


Our work is competence-oriented, methodologically diverse and varied. Motivation, age, and linguistic environment of our learners are just a few factors that influence lesson design. The use of professional materials and competent trainers guarantees promising language acquisition. Instruction appropriately incorporates all four language modalities (reading, writing, listening, speaking).

Our German course offer is aimed at all those whose native language is not German and who would like to improve their German language skills. It doesn’t matter if you have just arrived in Austria and want to learn German as quickly as possible or if you have been here for a while and want to perfect your German skills! We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our company!

In our offerings and our teaching content, we differentiate between learning per se and the holistic acquisition of German. Learning involves conscious cognitive engagement with the material to be learned, such as memorizing vocabulary and grammar rules. In contrast, the acquisition of a language often happens unconsciously, playfully and quasi incidentally as learning by doing. The special feature of our didactic approach consists of exactly this mixture between language learning and language experience.

In addition to the Language Institute, we also run DEUTSCH&MEHR – Association for the Promotion of Intercultural Dialogue. The aim of the association’s work is to support and promote the equal treatment and integration of people with a migration background. The focus is on language and elementary education for children as well as on social and health services.