Linguistically prepared, playful language promotion for elementary school children


Wort.SPIEL.Raum is targeted language support for elementary school children with a first language other than German. Teaching is based on a pedagogical-linguistic concept, which is implemented in a playful way. The children develop joy in learning and using the German language.

The language support courses have been held directly at elementary schools in Graz since 2012 and are free of charge for the children.


The linguistic-based, play-based approach to learning creates a successful learning experience, regardless of the age of the children. We believe that every child holds immense potential for development and that exposure to alternative forms of learning can awaken the joy of learning.

The project focuses not only on learning German, but also on the learning experience itself. It increases the joy of learning and thus improves language skills and academic performance.


The courses take place directly at participating elementary schools in Graz. The courses are a year-round offering and are offered across school years.

The offer is organized directly with the participating schools.

FADI is different!

276 students in 23 Wort.SPIEL.Raum courses worked with great joy and commitment on the book project “Fadi is different” and designed a book themselves. Within the framework of the project, the story was developed in a playful manner using music, movement and theater pedagogical elements, as well as promoting the focus areas of writing, listening and speaking.

This project is co-financed by the Federal Chancellery and the City of Graz – Department of Education and Integration.